Today’s competitive Home Health and Hospice environment includes many challenges:
Challenge #1

Poor Customer Service

For each customer who registers a complaint, SIX additional customers say nothing to the organization (but tell their family and friends)!

Solution #1

Improve Customer Service

The Home Health Nurse Assessment (HHNA) will compare your applicant’s customer service attributes to the very best Home Health and Hospice Nurses. The HHNA will enable you to hire Nurses who provide excellent customer service and who share your values.

Challenge #2

High Turnover

Turnover is expensive! It likely costs your organization in excess of $17,600 each time a Nurse leaves (voluntarily or involuntarily).

Solution #2

Reduce Turnover

The HHNA will identify the applicants most likely to leave your organization (i.e. high risk). The HHNA will evaluate counterproductive behaviors that lead to involuntary turnover.

Challenge #3

Poor Job Performance

Patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial stability are dependent on hiring top performing Nurses.

Solution #3

Hire Top Performers

The HHNA will evaluate an applicant’s performance compared to top performing Home Health and Hospice Nurses (Low-Average-High). The HHNA will evaluate the competencies that are identified as critical to successful job performance.

Challenge #4

Subjective Interviews

Traditional interviews are poor predictors of success. In fact, “flipping a coin” improves the percentage of correct selection decisions compared to most Hiring Manager’s interviews!

Solution #4

Improve the Interview Process

The HHNA will utilize a behavioral based interview process that’s proven 5-times more accurate than traditional interview questions. The HHNA will provide Hiring Managers with a job specific, structured, legal, behavioral interview guide.

Validation Overview

What’s required of organizations that participate in the validation process:

Administer Assessment

Current Nurses complete the assessment on-line. This will take approximately 1-hour. They may take it at their convenience within a specified period of time (for example, within a two-week period).

Supervisor Data Collection

Supervisors provide performance ratings for each Nurse completing the assessment.

We will come on-site and collect data in a group setting from the supervisors. This can be accomplished in a 1-hour session.

Objective Data Collection

Objective data will be collected from Human Resources (when available). Turnover, absenteeism, disciplinary action and other objective data will be collected.


All information collected is strictly confidential. Absolutely no employee, supervisor or administrator from participating organizations will see individual results, performance ratings or any other data provided to Home Health Selection Solutions.

Benefits to organizations participating in the validation process:

Free Testing

Participants will receive 6 months unlimited free testing.

Lifetime Discount

Participants will be offered lifetime discounted pricing.

Feedback Design

Participating Organizations will be given the opportunity to provide input in terms of feedback report format and content.


Organizations that provide 500 Nurses will receive norms and scoring formulas customized for their organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is developing the HHNA?

The HHNA is being validated by a Team of Individuals who created the most widely used pre-employment assessment for the Acute Care Industry.

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How will it help Home Health and Hospice Organizations?

Once validated, the HHNA will:

  • Reduce new-hire turnover
  • Identify service-oriented nurses
  • Identify top-performing nurse applicants
  • Provide Hiring Managers with an objective interview guide

When will it be available for use?

We anticipate the HHNA will be validated and available for use the first quarter of 2017.

We are following best-practice methodology for the development and validation of the Home Health Nurse Assessment

Internal Consistency

This ensures the questions within the construct (scale) are measuring the same thing (i.e. each customer service question actually measures customer service).

Construct Validity

This ensures the assessment measures what we purport to measure (i.e. compassion really measures compassion). The construct validation correlates the constructs (competencies) between the new test and a long-standing, well-researched "Big Five" test. The HHNA construct validation is complete and was conducted with the NEO, a highly respected, well researched, "Big Five" assessment.

Criterion-Related Validity

Ensures what we're measuring does indeed differentiate high job performance from those who are average or poor in terms of job performance.

Concurrent Validity — This ensures the assessment is predictive of on-the-job performance with current employees (i.e. an individual who scores "high" on customer focus, will indeed exhibit excellent customer service behaviors on-the-job).


This ensures the assessment is stable over time (i.e. scores are consistent over time).

Fair to Protected Groups

We will monitor and report the criteria established by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to ensure the assessment does not discriminate against individuals based on Sex, Age or Race.

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